At MP Engineering our expertise is high speed machining of small to medium size components up to 400mm x 400mm.  As part of our journey we have experimented with many materials and now have a high level of expertise on machining many different materials and regularly do so as we see the Weight and Performance requirements of the Formula 1 and Aerospace constantly change.

While we originally specialized in Titanium and Aluminum, we now machine parts in various Nickel and Steel grades, Magnesium, Composite and Peek.  Due to the high accuracy requirements and reliability requirements to meet our short timescales we constantly re-invest in new machine tools and subsequently have a very modern suite of machinery.

To ensure we continually machine these parts to the highest accuracy levels, we have dedicated maintenance personnel, and have annual machine maintenance programmes where we have agreed shut down of all our machines.  Our machine tools then undergo regular ball bar checks and visual checks to maintain their performance, which has resulted in very high machine availability and accuracy.

CNC Milling

  • 4x Matsuura MAM72 5 axis machining centre with 32 position pallet changer
  • 2x Matsuura Mx-330 with pallet changer
  • Deckel Maho DMU 50 eVo linear 5 axis machining centre with lang pallet loader
  • Bridgeport VMC800 XP3 with fully integrated Nikken 5 axis unit
  • Bridgeport VMC1000 XP3 with fully integrated Nikken 5 axis unit
  • Bridgeport VMC600 with 4th axis
  • Bridgeport VMC1000 with 4th axis
  • 2x DMG/Mori DMU 40 eVo 5 axis machining centre with erowa pallet loader
  • DMG/Mori DMU 50 Deckel Maho with lang pallet loader
  • Bridgeport Quaser MV154 P
  • Bridgeport VMC 610 xp2
  • DMG ecoMill 1035V

CNC Turning

  • Gildermeister CTX310
  • 2x Gildermeister CTX310 with C axis and driven tooling
  • Daewoo Puma 230M with C axis driven tooling and Multifeed bar feeder
  • Doosan Lynx 220LM with C axis and driven tooling
  • HAAS TL1
  • Lynx 200 GL with automated chuck loader
  • 2x DMG CTX 310 ecoline with C axis and driven tooling
  • DMG/Mori CTX 510 ecoline with C + Y axis and driven tooling
  • DMG/Mori NLX 250/700 with C + Y axis and driven tooling
  • Doosan Lynx 220LSYA Y-Axis
  • Mazak QuickTurn 200MY Y-Axis


  • AgieCharmilles CUT200 wire EDM
  • Eurospark spark erosion machine
  • Rofin Easymark Laser Marking


  • Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinders (2 off)
  • Colchester Triumph 2500lathe with DRO
  • Colchester 2000 centre lathe with DRO
  • Colchester 520 Chipmaster lathe
  • Bridgeport BRJ turret mill with DRO
  • Archdale horizontal mill
  • x2 Huron – K U 4 with DRO
  • Everising S-300HB fully automatic horizontal bandsaw
  • Everising H-460HA fully automatic horizontal bandsaw
  • Startrite 20 RWH Vertical Bandsaw
  • Vapor blasting facilities
  • Parts washer
  • Ultrasonic parts cleaner
  • Parts tumbler
  • Renishaw Ball-Bar testing for CNC’s


  • Hexagon Global Advantage CMM leitz scanning probe head
  • 2x Hexagon Pioneer CMM’s
  • Johansson Topaz CMM
  • Hexagon Romer Absolute RS4 Laser Scanner Arm
  • Well equipped, temperature controlled inspection room.


  • As you would expect, we have the capacity to work in all types of materials, from normal mild steels to some of the most exotic materials used in aerospace and F1 production today.

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