From the moment we receive your 3D model or drawing to the very end where the part is packed and sent out our doors, each part is treated with the upmost care and attention. At MP Engineering if you are given a part to produce you will own that job from start too finish, programming too manufacturing. By working this way we give a more personal approach to our service and can ensure a higher quality product. Rest assured your part is in the best hands.


Due to our unique philosophy where our manufacturing engineering team own individual parts through Design and Manufacture and have a dedicated machine tool which they will operate and prove out first off programs, we have a proportionally high number of people conversant with CAD / CAM.

This philosophy has resulted in very high capability in producing new methods of manufacture, while also achieving very fast machine cycle times and component lead-times.

This means that we can react quickly to customer demands and have minimal queue time.


In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, we push harder, develop further and ensure that we are at the forefront of the industry.  We think our numbers demonstrate our motto EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE with up to 200 new products being produced in some months with a scrap rate of well below 1% on some of the most complex shapes with many exotic materials, with lead-times of less than 3 weeks.  We are incredibly proud to be relied upon and trusted to deliver formula 1 race parts when they are needed, and recognised as being at the forefront of the high speed milling within the industry.


We started MP Engineering with manual milling machines and then progressed to 3 Axis CNC and now 5 Axis. This does not mean we have lost touch with our manual and 3 Axis machining skills, they are still very much in constant use today. All our 3 Axis machines, like the rest of our artillery, are maintained regularly. Our 3 Axis CNC’s offer a large flat machine bed which our 5 Axis cannot offer. This ensures we can cater for a whole other range of parts and are not limited to small 3D components. 


We pride ourselves on our excellent CNC capabilities. State-of-the-art and high-performance, we have capacity for large-scale projects, one-off prototypes and small batch production.

Our engineers have a wide range of options available to them to aid in which ever way they feel is best to produce a component. They might chose to use CAM software or program on the machine. The skills these engineers have further increases our reaction time and decreases our lead time.


With all of the technological advances in engineering, it’s easy to forget that conventional machining is an all-important backup. We ensure that all conventional milling and turning projects receive the same high level of attention as all our other services.


We have a range of pre and post production processes. Which include:

  • Wire erosion
  • Spark Erosion
  • Laser engraving
  • Heat treatment
  • Chemi-Blacking
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Parts washer
  • Parts tumbler
  • Polishing
  • De-burring services
If you require a service that is not listed we have a long and well established supply chain which we can use to ensure the correct process is used.