Due to our unique philosophy where our manufacturing engineering team own individual parts through Design and Manufacture and have a dedicated machine tool which they will operate and prove out first off programs, we have a proportionally high number of people conversant with CAD / CAM.

This philosophy has resulted in very high capability in producing new methods of manufacture, while also achieving very fast machine cycle times and component lead-times.

This means that we can react quickly to customer demands and have minimal queue time.

Material Procurement and Preparation

At MP Engineering to support our agile philosophy we have a dedicated stores and material preparation area, with a state-of-the-art bandsaw and several dedicated machines in place to pre-machine material to allow our high value 5 axis machine to run efficiently.  This area has dedicated resource, is stocked with a high quantity of material, and we have excellent working relationships with our material suppliers which means most material will be available within 24 hours, where we do not have stocked material.


Our heritage is in toolmaking. With some of the finest minds in the industry designing and creating our jigs and fixtures, as well as offering this service to our clients, we use it to push our own machines beyond the normal limit of production.  This philosophy means that we can design and manufacture our own fixtures in a matter of days and do not rely on external tooling suppliers, resulting in immediate availability of fixtures for our many new products that we are manufacturing.

5 Axis Machining

In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, we push harder, develop further and ensure that we are at the forefront of the industry.  We think our numbers demonstrate our motto EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE with up to 200 new products being produced in some months with a scrap rate of well below 1% on some of the most complex shapes with many exotic materials, with lead-times of less than 3 weeks.  We are incredibly proud to be relied upon and trusted to deliver formula 1 race parts when they are needed, and recognised as being at the forefront of the high speed milling within the industry.

CNC Milling & Turning

We pride ourselves on our excellent CNC capabilities. State-of-the-art and high-performance, we have capacity for large-scale projects and one-off prototypes and small batch production.
For CNC Turning, to minimise lead time all of our engineers are trained to program their own machine tools as well as operate, supported by our manufacturing engineering team.

Spark & Wire Erosion

In order to meet the demand for shorter lead times, we now provide an in-house spark and wire erosion service. This is to support our 5 axis milling capability and unique first off manufacturing process. That way, we keep control over overall speed, which enables us to provide a high quality service within your timescales.

Conventional Milling & Turning

With all of the technological advances in engineering, it’s easy to forget that conventional machining is an all-important backup. We ensure that all conventional milling and turning projects receive the same high level of attention as all our other services.


In order to meet the agile timescales required with many of our customers, we have developed strong internal capability to produce complex CMM programs, while maintaining a full manual capability through shadowgraph and manual gauging.

Due to the increasing complexity of many of the parts we manufacture, we also utilize a state-of-the-art Hexagon Romer Arm with the latest Polyworks software and have access to the latest generation GOM Scan box where very high accuracy laser inspection is required.

Laser Engraving

We have a Rofin EasyMark Laser engraver to ensure we can further assist in clients requirements.