#ProjectPitlane – Ventilators

    It’s a strange world at the minute. So much uncertainty and panic. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the whole world has stopped. Just as we were ready to call time and close the doors until it was safe to re-open, we were approached by one of our customers to step up and make 25,000 ventilator components in one week! We are used to doing batches of around 20 off max, so this was a pretty big step up for us. The way the guys at MP came together to get this job done was just outstanding. People that had been sent home due to lack of work had come back to work to get this epic task done because they knew it could save someone’s life. The guys here worked in accordance to the provisions set out by the WHO and the government to be as safe as possible, even if that involved moving office’s about and changing shift times. I can’t thank our guys enough for all the work and effort they put in to get this job done. We really have a winning team here.
    Also thank you to our suppliers that have stayed open and also the ones that have re opened for us!
Thanks #StaySafe
A special thanks to:
Paul Ensor @ Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd : ITC Ltd
Phillip Meechan @ Hoffmann Group
Robert Kitchen @ Smiths High Performance
Paul O’Brien @ Matrix Tooling
Everyone @ Supreme Tool Supplies
Zion @ Zion_CommunityKitchen
Alex & Tom @ ATM Logistics
Gareth Wadkin & Jon Marshall @ GF Machining Solutions UK Ltd
    A small part of the 25,000 ventilator components machined for #ProjectPitlane